Our Mission

There are 80,000 pages of federal regulations and statutes. How many apply to you? Technically, all of them. However, there are so many laws and so few people to enforce them that we’d have to all be our own prison guards to make it work. The laws get selectively enforced and, as it has become obvious, those reasons may not be rational, wholesome, and/or consistent. So, I suggest you and I and 300 million of our closest associates, some of whom can use a healing and bonding moment, commit the lawmakers and their entire body of work into a history book.

You 2030

This is a non-partisan and apolitical movement: This is not about who is or was in office. This is better for all of us. Federalism works for everyone.
Common Law GUI

Common Law GUI

The arbitration GUI places all definitions of all terms and/or concepts into a wire-frame, somewhat resembling the stars in the night sky. Terms are fixed in place, to standardize, visualize, and analyze any argument. I like to think of it like digital telepathy.



Direct Republic is a veteran owned and operated company, with the goal of peaceful and intelligent progress into a prosperous future.

Why Automate?

The VRIN model

Value – The waste that goes on at all levels of government scales between shamefully inept and criminal. Criminal by rational standards but legal, of course. Wall Street has given us the gift of seeing a world where fraud and theft can be legalized in civil society, by statute. I submit to you the savings alone is worth this endeavor, let alone all the other benefits. What are those benefits, other than lowered cost?

More choices for “essential” services; government monopolies do things that are unacceptable and ALL immunities for all humans must be abolished.
No more waste on political campaigns and other low-yield endeavors; the money spent on the last election could have housed all the homeless.
Better services; competition is ruthless to bad service.
Better social relations; politics becomes specialized, rather than contentious.
No more inflation; it’s called ‘counterfeiting’ when you do it.
Firing Congress, from the comfort of your own home.

Rarity – There is only one US Congress. While this system could be applied to every city, county, state, and any other nation-state, this effort is one of a kind, to my knowledge.

Inimitability – I have not seen any plan or anyone suggesting incremental and systemic political changes, minus a belief that the system may fix itself. Baring that dubious event, this idea is put forward on its own merits and is in no way directed to deter or malign any other effort to solve our national-level failing systems.

Non-substitutability – Government bureaus and departments. Let’s face it, those are favors and power bases to be cultured and culled, term after term and serve you and I very little. The automation of whole government branches is a brand new concept…..and market. This is the ground floor. Without your support, these organizations will continue to sap the productivity, resources, and sanity of our population for generations and continue to corrupt the flow of prosperous progress in America.

Your money. Your change.